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The Madison 56ers Soccer Club would like to say Thank You to the original Red Rebels members, formed in 2012. The group grew larger in 2013 and we are hoping to continue the trend for next year. We welcome members of the US American Outlaws Madison Chapter to join the group, as well as the Free Beer Movement members, a great initiative to support soccer in local communities.

A loyal, local supporters' group is a must for any soccer team throughout the world and we are very grateful to have the Red Rebels support Madison's adult soccer team. Our players have told us numerous times how important is to them to have the Red Rebels in the crowd. 

Traditional soccer Clubs especially in Europe and South America are wonderful to watch partly because of their fans, who are creating an amazing atmosphere for the duration of the game. That level of commitment has been built over generations and it is going to take a long time for any Club in the US to reach that level. If ever possible.

For this reason, we especially encourage the younger generation-Madison's youth soccer players, to join the Red Rebels in supporting Madison's team year after year, getting to know the players, coaching staff and Breese Stevens Stadium-a wonderful soccer venue.

We would also love to have the 56ers alumni be part of the group, sharing stories about their playing times. Connecting the different generations is a must for any soccer team's fan club.

If you would like to join the Red Rebels, or have suggestions regarding the fan's club, please don't hesitate to contact us: npsl@madison56ers.org

The 2012 scarves are now available for their regular price: $15. See scarf here. 

Also available are now the 2012 Midwest Champions T-shirts.

To help create a classic soccer game atmosphere, members are encouraged to bring drums, noisemakers, etc. 

Thank You all for being part of the 56ers and hope to see you in 2014!

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